The Book of Broken Hearts is Out… And It Needs Your Help!

Sarah Ockler is the uber-talented author of four books — Twenty Boy Summer, Fixing Delilah, Bittersweet, and the newly released The Book of Broken Hearts. She’s also a mentor and friend. I’m halfway through the Book of Broken Hearts, and despite my attempts to read and study it as a writer, (Sarah is a master at characterization and emotion) I get sucked into the story and disappear in her world of forbidden motorcycle boys and family drama. Though The Book of Broken Hearts was released last week, it hasn’t hit Barnes and Noble shelves yet, due to negotiation snafus between the store and publisher (which Sarah details in the link). Fans of Sarah Ockler undoubtedly know about the book’s release, but I hate to think of a potential new reader not discovering this dreamy book at the bookstore. Click on the link for deets on how to get your hot little hands on this great read.

Sarah Ockler

The Book of Broken Hearts officially hit the shelves on May 21st, which is, like, YAY! But it hasn’t hit all the shelves. Which is, you know, BOO! I’ve been debating whether to blog about this situation, hoping against all odds that it would resolve itself. But it hasn’t, and now that I’ve officially heard from readers who’ve had trouble finding the book at Barnes & Noble, I wanted to let you know what’s going on.

The Situation (super short version of a boring tale of corporate woe)

Just because a book is published doesn’t guarantee it a spot on the store shelves (even if the stores have successfully sold an author’s previous books). B&N, like all brick and mortar book stores, decides which books to shelve in its physical locations–sometimes nationally, sometimes on a store by store basis–and they order those titles directly from publishers. Additionally, publishers pay for…

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