Just found out that I won the Pikes Peak Writers Contest (YA category)! Excuse me while I pick up my teeth…


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  1. Thanks so much, guys! You’re so kind!

    Mara – it’s associated with the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in Colorado Springs, which attracts agents and editors from all over the place, and apparently I get my “pick” of whom to pitch. 😉 I also get the conference fee waived, which is around $400. Mainly, it’s plain old validation for my novel, and gives me a bit of credibility in trying to get my book published.

  2. Hey Miss Beth…..YAHOOOOOOO!!! This is just the begining girl…….I can just feel it! Way to go. Just remember us wee folk when you get famous…..and remember, I am HOSTING the first book signing party!! Can;t wait! Hugs Julie

  3. WOW!!! This is amazing Beth! I remember your book in the super early stages. I loved it then and you’ve made tons of changes. I can only imagine how great it is now :). I’ll be your personal assistant when you make it big. And when a studio approaches you to make a movie out of your book, can I be in the movie?! Just even a small part? Seriously…..congrats Beth.

  4. Hi Beth! Congratulations!!! It’s wonderful that you’re really making your dream come true.
    What you thought as a “midlife crisis”at first was actually the begining of your vocation as a writer. Winning the contest are really telling that.
    By the way, you’re busy dropping your jaw, picking up your teeth. You are fun!!!

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