Rhymes with Glitterary Agent

It’s been a long road. Writing my first novel has been a three-year labor of love, but it hasn’t been without bumps or flat-out derailment. These past few years have brought a full-body submersion into the craft of writing, in which I’ve discovered the most amazing community of writers, mentors, and friends.

I started the search for an agent this January, with the most recent version of my manuscript, which had been spit-polished within an inch of its life. After three roller coaster months of requests and rejections, something crazy happened. I received a legitimate offer of representation. Fighting shock-induced paralysis, I gave the other agents who were considering my novel a heads up. Two more offers came in. It was off the hizzy and nothing I ever expected to happen.

I’m THRILLED to announce that Stephanie Kip Rostan with Levine Greenberg is my new agent. I feel like such a faker saying, “my agent.” My stomach still flips when her name pops up in my in-box and I’m not sure if that will ever go away. Stephanie is so savvy, genuine, and nice. Plus, she’s sold like a gajillion books. Simply put, she’s a dream.

She’s assembling her first round submission list, and the thought of my manuscript landing in the hands of publishing houses is both exhilarating and terrifying. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your wonderful support!

This goody arrived in the mail today

This goody arrived in the mail today


26 thoughts on “Rhymes with Glitterary Agent

  1. WOO HOO! The publishing world is about to be rocked! Congratulations babe, you deserve all the accolades and success that has and continues to come your way. So happy I get to share this exciting ride!

  2. Do you remember that giddy feeling you’d get whenever you got something in e-mail/the mail from your adoption agency? (I totally remember that feeling!!!!) Here’s to the arrival of your third baby! 🙂 Wahoooo-ieeee!

  3. WOW!! They represent several very big names Beth… I am truely impressed!! But never doubted for a minute that you would be VERY successful!! 🙂

  4. What wonderful news! I love that you never gave up and followed your heart and your dream. You are an inspiration to all. xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Thanks for sharing your story. (I found your link via querytracker.) You give the rest of us hope…it DOES happen! I hope you continue to share your journey on the road to publication.

  6. I am thrilled for you, Beth. I think the feeling goes beyond “thrilled.” I cannot wait to read the book.

  7. What is it about good news like this (agent offers! Books sold!) that makes me all excited like it’s me who got the the good news? I’m soooo happy for you!!!!!

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  9. Congrats Beth! This is amazing news. Can’t wait to hear which publisher picks you up and then be able to read your book. Darrick shared your news with me a week or so ago and I knew we needed to connect- thanks for reaching out!

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