Thanks to my friend Eugene, I discovered this fantastic blog today, The Literary Man. Check out their recent post which asks the question, “Is the Hunger Games Literature?”

And fyi… I’m jumping right on this happy bandwagon, too.


Greetings, literarians. We start off this hungry Hunger Games Friday with the following question: is the Hunger Games trilogy literature? Well, what is literature, anyway? Our old friend Wikipedia defines it like this: “Literature (from Latin litterae (plural); letter) is the art of written work.” Okay, so that doesn’t help, at all, but maybe this is the point, right? Literature is difficult to define, perhaps impossible to define in a single sentence, and yet there must be some consistent constellation of elements that constitute literature.

Let’s consider the following statements we’re going to somewhat arbitrarily make about literature (and determine whether The Hunger Games makes the cut, it obviously will, fyi, if you can’t handle the suspense):

It should have a good story:
Think Huckleberry Finn, Lord of the Rings, The Count of Monte Cristo, the Bible, the Arabian Nights, Le Morte D’Arthur. Critics and cranky English professors…

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  1. Liked the comment by one reader that “…the difference between writing and literature, and he said without hesitation “The reader!”

    I would never have read this without your recommendation, Beth – and enjoyed every word of the 3 novels. Haven’t seen the movie, because so often they don’t live up to my own visions as the words jump off the page and set my mind spinning. Ah, the spinning mind of a middle aged woman is a wonder – it should be bottled. 🙂

    • The movie was fun and well done, in my opinion. Like you said, it didn’t live up to my experience in reading the book, but it was a kick to see the settings, costumes, and casting. The biggest disappointment for me was that the secondary characters didn’t have a chance to shine like the did in the books. Too much to cram into 2.5 hours. Still, it was worth the almost ten bucks. 😉

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