On the trail of a dream

Happy New Year! I’ve never been a fan of making New Year’s resolutions, since my birthday also happens to fall on New Year’s Day. It’s too much pressure and I end up rebelling against myself. If I resolve to eat healthier, that means I can’t have cake on my birthday. And if I vow to start January 2, I’ll polish off the entire leftover cake by noon. Or if I resolve to be more organized, I’ll rebel against myself and won’t do laundry for a week. Trust me, it’s not pretty.

I do, however, like to dream about what the coming year will bring. The only thing certain is change and none of us can predict what 2012 has in store. That is, if we make to the end of 2012, thank you very much, Mayans.

One thing is certain — I’m starting my next novel this year and that makes my tail wag big time. My friends often ask how my current/first novel is going, and I can now say that I’m officially finished. It’s taken well over two years to get that sucker in shape, but every one of those days was worth it, not only for the joy writing has given me, but for the community I’ve fallen into along the way. Without Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop and my fabulous critique group, I’d be still be wallowing in the muck of my first draft. I’m beyond grateful for all I’ve learned and continue to learn, and no matter what happens with the book, I’m thrilled that these folks are part of my life.

So here’s the skinny. Last summer, I had several nibbles from agents who requested my full manuscript. Sadly, they declined and I proceeded to rip out big chunks of hair. The good news was that some of them had positive things to say, including requesting to see the next novel I write. One agent requested another look if I did a revision. Another agent gave me pages of notes, both positive and constructive. While my little feelers were smarting for a while, ultimately, the experience was a gift. I took their advice to heart and a major revision ensued.

The publishing world is in turmoil with the onset of e-books, and no one really knows how it’s going to shake out. Luckily, there are many paths to publication. I’m pursuing the traditional route, which means trying to find an agent who will find an editor at one of the big publishing houses. It’s really really really hard to break in this way if you’re not already an established author. Unless you’re name is Snooki. And um, mine isn’t. So please keep your parts crossed, and I’ll keep you posted.

Welcome, 2012! May all our dreams come true!

What are your dreams for the New Year?


7 thoughts on “On the trail of a dream

  1. Happy New Year, my dear! I can’t wait to see you, and we can definitely do some New Year brainstorming for our various paths to publication! Also, I will be giving you an award on my blog tomorrow morning; stop by if you get a chance!

  2. Beth! I love this post! And thanks for following my blog! I had the EXACT same experience with my first novel and am about to send it back to the agents requesting the rewite. Can you say stress??? But the woderful part of writing is no matter the answer, I can keep trying and dreaming! I can’t wait to hear how everything goes for you.

    • Hi Rebekah! Thanks and and I’m loving YOUR blog. Best of luck on the process of finding an agent. We’ll have to keep in touch. Let me know if you ever want to meet for coffee and commiserating. 🙂

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